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A typical Friday afternoon in the life of a case manager / OT!
Does this sound familiar? A new patient transfer on a Friday, who with specific needs and you need equipment ASAP to start their treatment this weekend!
Tilting towards early mobilisation
Using a tilt table means the patient is able to get back the sensation of applying weight gently onto their legs, slowly re-introducing the standing position whilst giving them full support.  It can also be used for Tilt Table tests.
Here at CareMed we want you to value the products you buy or rent from us as much as we do.  So part of that is offering you aftersales service 24/7, LiveChat support online and our regular service offering.  This...
The chair you can be SERTAIN™ of….
The SERTAIN™ chair is CareMed Alrick’s favourite product here in the UK.  It is often said that once you lie a patient flat, it is much harder to encourage early mobilisation.  This chair, whilst able to lay the patient 100%...
Impeccably Clean, Accurately Specified, Rapidly Deployed Rental Equipment for Intensive Care
Caremed Alrick serves NHS and Private Hospitals and Care Homes throughout the UK with equipment that helps speed up Early Mobilisation and reduce Length of Stay. Why bother hiring equipment? Often, our services are employed because rental of specialist items helps...