early mobilisation needs

Healthcare equipment needed urgently for new patient.. sound familiar?

We've heard this story so many times before from OT's we speak to... so much that we made it into a typical Friday afternoon timeline!

1.  A new patient transfer, with quite specific needs....

You need a specialist chair that can 100% lay flat, or a specific wheelchair, a tilt table, slings to help them move around to encourage early mobilisation and you need to start their treatment this weekend.

2. Where can I get this specialist piece of equipment fast?

OT's research online, and find us - CareMed Alrick. We not only sell but also rent /hire and lease specific furniture. It's only going to be for a few weeks, hiring seems like the best option, and we are open 24/7 and deliver at the weekend! Relief....

3.  Have a chat with the CareMed Team

The OT can do this either online via LiveChat, on email or give us a call.  Our job is to make sure you rent or buy the right equipment for your patient. Do you need a bed or will an early mobilisation chair help more? Will you need slings to transfer them?  We can help!

4.  The equipment you need is quickly prepared

Our warehouse moves quickly to locate your specialist piece of equipment.  We make sure you are getting the right equipment and keep you up to date with the situation.

5.  It's ready and out for delivery - and it's only Saturday morning!

As long as we have the product in stock, we can usual turn around your order in an unrivalled 24 hours.  A driver is assigned and the equipment is delivered to your ward or room, and will provide some training for you if needed.

6.  All installed and ready for the patient. 

Relieved you, happy patient.  You can start treatment this afternoon - great news! And any questions on the equipment, or adaptations needed, we are always here to help.