The chair you can be SERTAIN™ of….

The chair you can be SERTAIN™ of….

The SERTAIN™ chair is able to lay a patient 100% flat if necessary, but also allows for early mobilisation. The Sertain™ was designed in conjunction with Critical Care, Trauma and Rehab Professionals, as a platform for both critical care and early mobility.

Whilst the Sertain™ really made a name for itself in ICU, it has now found itself in many other departments within a hospital –now being used widely in OT, chest and respiratory rehab, physio and wards where rehab is critical.

Sertain™ Intensive Care & Trauma care (IC&TC) chair

The chair is perfect for reducing manual handling of a patient – making it less stressful for both patients and healthcare professionals.  It is one of the most versatile seating choices around.

The chair has pressure care surfaces throughout, offering high levels of comfort and pressure relief.  The armrests are removable and the wings can be folded away quickly when lying the patient flat, making it easier to intubate.  The electric hi-lo on the chair means the chair can rise to a maximum seat height of 780mm, eliminating back strain on the healthcare professional. 

Sertain™ chair for neuro-intensive care

An advanced version of the IC&TC chair; adding thoracic supports and therapeutic pressure, it enhances the function further for complex neuro and neuro-rehabilitation patients.

The chair eliminates the need for hoist transfers by pat-sliding from bed to chair – which is especially appropriate with spinal patients.  Added to that you can safely and easily mobilise and sit up your neuro critical care and trauma patients when necessary.

Bariatric Sertain™ chair

With all the features of the IC&TC chair, it can also be configured up to 96cm (36″) wide. 

Just to be Sertain...

Don’t just take our word for it!

“The Sertain® helps us get a greater variety of critical care patients out of bed, using less resource ultimately, and this leads to a shorter stay on ITU.’’

Critical Care Physio, London

We can offer the Sertain™ chairs as a rental option, a buy new, or a buy refurbished.  So please, get in touch here, if you want to be SERTAIN™ this chair is for you!