Profiling beds and accessories

Offering care home equipment, we have a wide range of profiling care beds (a profiling bed is an electric, height, back and leg adjustable bed) on offer here at Caremed. 

From ultra low electric profiling beds - which are most suited to residents or patients suffering from dementia, Huntington's disease, are frail, or have a condition that induces seizures - to pressure care mattresses, bed bumpers, lifting poles and other accessories. 

We also offer a range of bariatric low profiling beds and double low profiling beds, where two patients can be cared for in comfort and dignity. Featuring electric hi-low, electric knee brake, and a 180kg safe working load on each side, the double profiling beds can also be separated if needed.

Alongside this, we can provide a pressure care mattress for profiling bed.  Just click here for our full range of pressure care mattresses.

We offer our low profiling care beds for hire too, just click here for more information.

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25 products

25 products