The Mobilise® CH5 Layflat® care chair

An early mobilisation chair that lays 100% flat and has an innovative footplate that encourages sit to standing this chair is manufactured in the UK, using UK materials.
Ensuring patient safety when encouraging mobilisation

Critical Care Chairs

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NHS supply chain catalogue

Our products are on the NHS list and where possible we will aim to deliver in 48 hours.

NHS & Private Hospitals

We work closely with ICU, HD, ED’s & day surgery professionals to provide equipment that can encourage early mobilisation, increase throughput and minimise manual handling risks.

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Care Home Groups

Caremed Alrick has a division dedicated to the long-term care sector, working with groups across the UK.

We provide healthcare equipment to purchase or rent, and we offer service and repair on all of our products. We aim to swiftly deliver any critical equipment.

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Mental Health, Older Adults

Working with vulnerable and frail adults with a high risk of falls, we provide a range of ultra-low floor level beds which help minimise the risks, along with pressure care mattresses and fall sensors.

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Our new Mobilise® CH5 early mobilisation chair

Some great feedback!

I suggested what would work for us, you listened and went the extra mile to deliver exactly what was needed. A massive thank you!

Ward Manager, Day Case Unit, Manchester

The early mobilisation chair helps us get Critical Care patients out of bed, with less resource – ultimately this leads to a shorter stay in ITU.

Physio, Critical Care, London

Our main issue is transporting patients out into the hospital grounds. Unit chairs are difficult to manoeuvre. However, an early mobilisaton chair solves this problem.

ITU, Sunderland Royal

When using a multifunctional chair, it is brilliant and far simpler to be able to pat slide patients rather than hoist them. 

Physio – ICU & Surgery