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Impeccably Clean, Accurately Specified, Rapidly Deployed Rental Equipment for Intensive Care

Caremed Alrick serves NHS and Private Hospitals and Care Homes throughout the UK with equipment that helps speed up Early Mobilisation and reduce Length of Stay.

Why bother hiring equipment? Often, our services are employed because rental of specialist items helps to overcome:

  • Storage Issues (lack of space)
  • Fluctuating demand on services - temporary peaks
  • Specialist patient needs
  • Minimise capital expenditure and the ensuing lifetime costs of service and repair

In each case, when we receive a rental enquiry, it is treated with urgency and our infrastructure has been built alongside yours. Just like hospitals and care homes, our operation runs 24/7 and we respect and follow rigorous equipment cleanliness processes.

Could we be serving your organisation, you, your colleagues and patients and residents? Call free on 08000 191 246.

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