Mobilise® Seating for acute hospitals – a sustainable solution

When developing our latest early mobilisation chair, we collated years of feedback working with critical care professionals in both NHS and private hospitals and made sure that the elements they found essential were part of the new Mobilise® chair*, and tweaks and changes they highlighted were also incorporated. 

The Mobilise® chairs have been constructed with genuine sustainability at the core. Not only is the Mobilise® built in Coventry UK, at an engineering plant with a long history of quality manufacturing, but most of its core components are made right here in Britain too – allowing for us to use the Made in Britain logo. (In order to achieve Made in Britain status, 80% of the components need to be British and we are proud to have achieved 88%).

This not only underlines our commitment to supporting local manufacturing, but helps support and create local jobs but also increases our resilience against global supply chain issues on parts of the chair.  By manufacturing locally, over importing, we can demonstrate that we are reducing the CO2 emissions per chair sold by almost 1 tonne^ per chair!

Added to this, by building the chair right here in the UK, we are able to reduce leadtimes for our customers, which means that the return on investment in the chair for each Trust will be realised quicker. 

The Dartex® Performance material we use is tough and long lasting, meaning that re-covering of the chair should not be a yearly issue but every 5-6 years. The chairs are made with cushion sections (seat, back, legrest, footplate, arms, laterals) that can all be reupholstered individually or replaced entirely. This is not only cost-effective as it eliminates the need to re-cover the whole seating section in the event of damage but is also respectful of environmental concerns as it reduces waste.
* patent pending
^ Calculation based on CO² calculator available online