Trade-in offer ♻

Have you got an old Sertain™ chair that needs repairing or is it time to upgrade?

Well, we are offering a deal where you can trade in your Sertain chair and get money off a brand new Mobilise® CH5 care chair!  If you exchange a used Sertain for one of our brand new Mobilise® chairs; which are manufactured in the UK and developed by our product development team and external HCP's; we will give you some money off our Mobilise® early mobilisation care chair. 

This includes both the standard and bariatric versions.

Replacing an old Sertain with a new Mobilise®


It breaks our hearts to hear of chairs condemned - we would like to rescue them and give them a new life!  Many hospitals condemn equipment and pay to have it scrapped, not realising there is still value in the piece of equipment - why not trade in a condemned piece of equipment and get some money back for it?

Here at Caremed we are offering you the chance to not only save some money on a new Mobilise® CH5 early mobilisation chair, but do your bit for the environment and recycle your old Sertain care chair with us.*

Caremed also offers local support for Sertain chairs and remanufacturing services.

With local support initiatives and remanufacturing services, we ensure that these chairs exceed expectations in terms of quality and longevity. 

If you would like to speak to one of our team for further information, please choose one of the following options; 

  • LiveChat is on our website
  • Email us here
  • Or call us on 0333 242 1250


* the amount of money off the chair will depend on a number of different criteria including the quality of the chair and age.