Image of the CareMed workshop team servicing a part

After care with Caremed Alrick

Here at Caremed we want you to value the products you buy or rent from us as much as we do. 

So part of that is offering you aftersales service 24/7, LiveChat support online and our regular service offering.  This really is the cornerstone of CareMed – we want you to be happy with our products, and so we make sure we help as much as possible to ensure that you remain happy! 

Available 24/7

Pre, during and post COVID we have been open 24/7 for any emergency you may have with one of our products.  This could be a callout with one of our experienced technicians arriving onsite or it could be sending out a replacement part via courier as quickly as possible. 

We have found this part of our service really stands us apart from our competitors and we are really proud of that. 


CareMed recently added LiveChat to the website, and a number of customers have been taking advantage of it – chatting with us about a specific query or a possible fault with their product.  We have found that in 80% of the chats, we have been able to sort it out there and then, often within 10 minutes of the person coming on LiveChat.  We’ve helped customers work out what the fault is (sometimes it’s as simple as replacing the battery) and talked them through replacing a piece of equipment, or just resolve a problem – all without a callout charge!  Now surely that’s something useful to your business. 

The main bonus of LiveChat is that you can access it form your work phone and send pics of the query, and we are able to view these instantly - no annoying uploading photos to an email address.


We offer a number of packages both when your product is within warranty, and once it is out of warranty.  If a chair or bed or mattress is serviced once a year – we are able to identify possible small issues before they become big issues, and it also gives you peace of mind.  After all, you don’t want a patient to experience the effects of the product not working properly.

Our workshop

We have a large workshop here at CareMed HQ, so if a number of your products need a service, or you want us to check something out, we will often bring it back to Coventry and our team here at HQ will work on it, under the watchful eye of Nathan and Cal!