Benefits of leasing

Overwhelming clinical need, extreme workload pressures but lack of available capital?  

This is where leasing comes into its own: reduce capital spend down to a single, fixed monthly cost and solve the age-old "maintenance problem" by building it into the same cost.

We offer a simple NHS compliant leasing solution, here at Caremed Alrick.  

You can view our blog on leasing, which goes into some detail, but if not - here are some additional benefits of leasing:

👍Spread the cost of acquiring capital equipment over a period of 3-to-5-year lease, maintenance can be included.

👍eliminating uncertainty and admin and promoting longevity of the equipment.

👍our leasing solution is compliant with public sector and (NHS in particular) procurement requirements.

👍upgrade or invest in additional or extra equipment without needing large capital upfront.

👍at the end of the lease, there is the option to own the equipment for a nominal fee.

👍 leasing is significantly lower in cost than short-term rental.