Where do you work?

What’s your challenge? What is your biggest challenge in your daily work?
Care-Med exists to serve healthcare professionals and we spend time talking to, working alongside and sharing the challenges of carers, nurses, therapists, surgeons and of course, patients themselves.
What would make your life easier? Maybe it would be access to more suitable seating, faster delivery of hire equipment or better support and training resources – in the world of healthcare equipment, within our mutual focus areas of expertise, we are here to make your job easier to accomplish.
Click on the images below to find out how we partner with professionals in healthcare, every day

Caremed Intensive Care Solutions


We work closely with Intensive Care professionals to assist them with their early mobilisation programmes. We provide seating that reduces manual handling risks, improves patient safety, pressure care and comfort and enables and promotes early mobilisation. Why not watch our mobilisation chair video here and then view some of our seating for ITU or request a demo

Caremed Day Surgery Procedures Solutions


Partnering with theatre and recovery professionals, we enable facilities to increase their throughput and reduce unnecessary equipment and patient transfers. How is this possible? By providing seating options that replace trolleys, chairs and beds to enable the patient journey to take place on just one, highly versatile, mobile surface.

Caremed Mental Health and Older Adults Care Solutions


If you are working with vulnerable and frail elderly adults, at high risk of falls, then we can provide benefits to your organisation with our range of ultra-low floor level beds, which can be seen in action on the video below.


Caremed Solutions and Service for Long Term Care Facilities


Care-Med has a division dedicated to the long-term care sector, working with groups across the UK. We have a dedicated range of profiling beds and pressure care products that are available with very short lead times to minimise downtime. We are also fully equipped to provide rental, service and repair all types of nursing care beds and air mattresses. Use the 'contact us' page to arrange a meeting to see how we can work with you to provide the very best service in the industry.