Our new Mobilise® CH5 has lots of features you would expect to find on an early mobilisation multifunctional chair.  Here we have quickly highlighted the essential top 5 for acute care wards.

1. Simple pat slides with 100% layflat option

A high proportion if Critical Care units don’t have room for equipment to help hoist and move patients.  There may be no facilities or limited facilities, or the HCP may make the decision that the patient would be safer if they were pat slided.  Our chair lays 100% flat and using a banana pat slide slide sheets, or other pat slide equipment, the patient can be simply transferred to the chair and back again.

 Just 14cm between chair and hospital bed  CH5 pat sliding

 2. The CH5 working alongside other popular hospital equipment

Important that the chair worked seamlessly with other pieces of healthcare equipment regularly used in the critical care or ICU, we have made sure that the chair works in partnership with them.   We have created videos showing the Mobilise® CH5 working in conjunction with the Maxi Move, Stedy and Sara Plus.  For further information, please get in touch here

3. Standard infection control precautions (SIPS) have been applied

Following feedback that other critical care chairs can be difficult to fully clean, we wanted to make it easy for HCP staff to apply effective infection prevention and control precautions.  To help with SIPS the CH5 cushioning on the chair can be easily removed and the chair has sealed sides to stop fluid ingress. The CH5 has a sealed tray beneath the seat and backrest, protecting mechanisms underneath and providing an easy to clean surface.

4. Easy Manoeuvrability

The Mobilise CH5 has hardwearing 125mm twin wheel castors with total lock or directional lock, which means that the chair is easy to move around, and can also be used easily outside in critical care gardens.  

5. Sit to stand functionality

Our Mobilise CH5 multifunctioning chair has a unique retractable leg rest allowing patients to get their feet under the chair, before the chair moves them into a near standing position. The legrest can be controlled via the remote to sit right under the seat without clashing with the wheels on the chair. 

For further information on the chair, please click here 

For a video on our top 5 features, please click here