Caremed product brochure

Please click on the below to see our full range of healthcare equipment for the NHS and care homes.  These products can be purchased directly from us, hired or leased (on higher value items).  


Here at Caremed our promise to you is that all our healthcare equipment is accurately specified, rapidly deployed and impeccably clean. We provide the highest quality healthcare equipment all based around our philosophy:

  1. Protect the patient from discomfort and make transfers less disruptive
  2. Protect the care and nursing teams from manual handling risks.
  3. Protect the organisation by providing safe, fit for purpose and well maintained equipment

We offer purchase, lease and rental options.

You can purchase from us via a direct purchase order or the NHS Supply Chain portal.

👍 Own your equipment outright.

👍 Buy brand new to the exact spec you want.

👍 Use spends from charitable money raised or funds for your department to get exactly the product you need.

👍 Peace of mind, no need to renew leases or rental – the product is yours.

We offer a simple NHS compliant leasing solution, here at Caremed Alrick.  Spread the cost of acquiring capital equipment over a period of 3-to-5 year lease, maintenance can be included.

👍 Upgrade or invest in additional or extra equipment without needing large capital funds upfront.

👍 At the end of the lease, there is the option to own the equipment for a nominal fee.

Rental is a great option if you have short term patients, or short term needs.

👍 Access to the latest equipment without having a large one-off payment.

👍 Suitable for patients who are only with you in the short term.

👍 No servicing and repair costs.

👍 We deliver within 24 hours on most equipment.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact us here