Sertain - a top trade-in offer

Sertain - a top trade-in offer

Here at Caremed Alrick we are offering you the chance to not only save some money on a new Mobilise® CH5 early mobilisation chair, but do your bit for the environment and recycle your old Sertain care chair with us.

Our offer   

Throughout 2024, we are offering a Sertain™ buy back service. 

If you exchange an old, used Sertain for one of our brand new Mobilise® CH5 early mobilisation chairs, we will give you some money off the Layflat® care chair in exchange for the old Sertain.  This includes both the standard and bariatric versions.


✅You are doing your bit for the environment – by not scrapping the chair, we can potentially repair it, or if it is beyond that, then we will use the parts to use on another piece of healthcare equipment.  

✅Recycling benefits everyone.  The more we recycle, the less rubbish winds up in landfill and incineration plants. 

✅Your new Mobilise® CH5 100% layflat® chair will be cheaper than you thought!  Depending on the condition, age and working order of your Sertain, we will discount the Mobilise accordingly.

✅The latest technology right now.  By progressing with a trade-in, you will be able to use a newer, and more technologically enhanced early mobilisation chair.  The Mobilise® multifunctional care chair has all the features you would expect from an early mobilisation chair, and a few added extras thanks to feedback from critical care and physios on the current early mobilisation chairs available.

✅The Mobilise® CH5 is made right here in the UK, so no shipping over from Australia – we have worked out that we have cut emissions down by over 90%!

 More information

For more information, or to get a quote on how much you could save, please email us here. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.