Checking the condition of your Sertain Chairs + Trade-in option

Checking the condition of your Sertain Chairs + Trade-in option

Own an old Sertain chair?

Sertain chairs, although manufactured overseas, stand as pillars of comfort and support. However, ensuring their longevity requires regular maintenance and care.

We emphasise the importance of checking the condition of your Sertain chairs and the support programmes available to uphold their quality.

Local Support Programme:

We recognise the significance of local accessibility and offer programmes to provide support with locally sourced parts. This ensures that maintenance and repairs can be swiftly executed, minimising downtime and maximising chair performance.

Refurbishment and Remanufacture:

Beyond basic maintenance, we offer a comprehensive refurbishment and remanufacture programme that breathes new life into aging Sertain chairs. By investing in refurbishment, facilities can prolong the usability of their Sertain chairs while maintaining budgetary considerations.

Trade-In Scheme:

For facilities looking to upgrade their seating solutions, we offer trade-in scheme -a seamless transition. Exchange your older Sertain chairs for a discount on a brand new Mobilise® CH5 care chair! This seamless transition not only modernises your equipment but also ensures that your patients benefit from the early mobilisation in healthcare seating technology.

Our array of support programmes for Sertain chairs exemplifies our commitment to enhancing the healthcare setting. From routine maintenance to local parts assistance and refurbishment schemes, we ensure that your Sertain chairs uphold their standard of comfort and support, benefiting both patients and staff.

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