Mental health older adults

Mental health older adults


    What is the MHOA (Mental health older adults) system of care?

    A Mental Health Adults system of care was developed alongside mental health adults and older adults services as a way to safely care for the needs of vulnerable & frail dementia patients. It is a combination of an ultra-low beds combined with our TotalFlow Hybrid mattress.

    Mental health older adults face challenges include:
    1. Increased Vulnerability - Older adults, especially those with mental health issues like dementia, are more vulnerable to various risks such as falls, confusion, and social isolation.
    2. Complex Care Needs - Providing adequate care for older adults with mental health issues requires a tailored approach that addresses both physical and mental health needs. This includes managing medications, ensuring safety, and promoting social engagement.
    3. Limited Resources: Many facilities struggle with limited resources, including staff, funding, and specialised equipment, which can impact the quality of care provided to older adults with mental health issues.

    To tackle some of these challenges, we offer a specialised bedframe and mattress system designed to enhance safety and comfort for older adults with dementia. This approach aims to create a supportive environment that meets the unique needs of this population, potentially enhancing their quality of life and alleviating the burden on caregivers.

    Additionally, balancing nursing equipment needs while ensuring ligature and staff safety in your mental health unit can be challenging. 

    We address these concerns with a no-handset, easy-to-clean, safe, and reliable design that cannot be used as a barricade. This reduces ligature risks, prevents stashing, and minimises the potential for patients to throw or move the bed, thereby enhancing safety measures. This is ideal for mental health settings, older adults, and inpatient care, ensuring the safety and well-being of patients.

    We introduce our own Alrick EN-Series & Secura specialist care beds.
    The beds we offer have:

    • No complex linkages or exposed mechanisms
    • Completely clear space underneath when raised
    • A unique chair position for day-care, feeding, cognitive improvement, easy entry and egress
    • Ultra low height of 100mm when lowered, to eliminate bed falls injuries in the night

    The mattress:

    • Can be used as static or alternating
    • Eliminates the hassle of swapping foam mattresses for alternating air
    • Resolves storage and hygiene issues
    • Has an integral evacuation feature for emergencies 

    Also within this strategic pillar is our range of falls detection and prevention sensors – a wireless safety system that provides an early intervention for residents at the highest risk of falls.

    The Alrick beds, combined with our sensor system, create a comprehensive circle of care that significantly reduces the risk of falls in specialist care centres.

    Download our EN7 bed and mattress brochure here

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    8 products