Alrick Endless multifunctional hi lo bed

Ultra low profiling beds

Caremed Alrick supplies a range of ultra low profiling beds, each designed for specific areas of the care sector:

- mental health older adults

- specialist dementia care

- Huntington's, epilepsy, Parkinson's and other neurological diseases that can cause spasms and seizures.

The EN7 ultra low profiling bed has a robust, yet skeletal frame design which provides completely free access underneath for hoists. This low profiling bed also converts into a full seating chair position - ideal for mealtimes, administering medication, socialising, watching television and for mobilising the patient or resident to and from the bed. The EN7 electric ultra low bed has a minimum platform height of 10cm and is available in a variety of different widths and safe working loads.

The CM2000 bed is a standard ultra low profiling bed, designed for long-term nursing care and has a a minimum platform height of 20 cm.

We also offer a double profiling bed that are suitable for residents who wish to be cared for together.  This allows both patients, whatever their different illnesses, to be cared for in comfort and with dignity, together. 

Our double beds are also suitable for maternity wards, or large rooms in children's wards - so the parents can sleep next to their child if necessary.

13 products

13 products