The seven main benefits to leasing healthcare equipment

The seven main benefits to leasing healthcare equipment

Overwhelming clinical need, extreme workload pressures but lack of available capital? This is where leasing comes into its own: reduce capital spend down to a single, fixed monthly cost and solve the age-old "maintenance problem" by building it into the same cost.

Our super seven reasons to lease:

Spread the cost

  • Acquiring capital equipment over a period of 3-to-5-year lease, allowing you to fix the cost of buying that asset at the beginning of the term.

One single affordable monthly payment

  • The acquisition of capital equipment can be rolled into a single affordable monthly payment.

Maintenance / servicing included

  • Maintenance can be included, eliminating uncertainty and admin and promoting longevity of the equipment. Maintenance has to be proven with a leasing option so including it in the quote is sensible. It is often the case that money is provided for the capital equipment, but is often unclear who / which department maintains the equipment throughout its lifecycle, meaning the equipment often isn’t maintained and breakdowns occur.

Our leasing is compliant with procurement requirements

  • Leasing is really common in the NHS. Our leasing solution is compliant with public sector and (NHS in particular) procurement requirements and is the ideal solution where there is a clinical need without the capital available.

No large capital needed

  • It allows NHS and Private healthcare trusts to upgrade or invest in additional / extra equipment without needing large capital upfront. Currently the NHS is experiencing financial constraints coupled with massive public healthcare demands; leasing healthcare equipment in a measured and responsible way, helps to free up capacity and throughput.

Option to own at the end of the lease

  • At the end of the lease, there is the option to own the equipment (for a nominal fee, usually 1% of the lease), or options to extend the lease or to renew it for the latest equipment.

Lower cost than short term rental

  • Leasing is significantly lower in cost than short-term rental, but also offers much more control, as costs are fixed before signing the lease, so no surprises during or after the end of the lease.

Rough idea of costs

As finance rates fluctuate and of course each equipment quote is specified according to the customer / trust, these rates below are merely illustrative:

  • Capital equipment cost, including 5 years maintenance (with scheduled servicing), ex. VAT: £35,865.00
  • On a 5-year term, the monthly lease rental is £742.00 + VAT
  • To take ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease, 1% of the capital cost is payable: £358.65
  • This equates to a daily cost per ITU chair of £4.88 + VAT



Photo by Beequip