Modsel Endosurge trolley feedback

Modsel Endosurge trolley feedback

Our new Modsel electric imaging trolley has been trialled at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough to great success! 

Features & benefits

Used as both a procedure trolley and an imaging trolley, this flexible trolley has a sliding top for quick and easy patient positioning.  With C-arm cameras in mind, the trolley allows the base of the C-arm to slip underneath the trolley so the patient doesn’t need to be moved.  The trolley can also be raised and lowered to relieve pressure on the back.  Added to this, the trolley has dropdown side rails, CPR backrest release and head and foot Trendelenberg.

The slide on the trolley is a real benefit– from 140mm head to 260mm on the feet, which means the patient rather than the camera can be moved, which cuts down on time.  Added to this, the trolley has an extender for extra tall patients.

James Cook University Hospital feedback

We asked what the main benefits to the trolley were for the endoscopy unit at James Cook and the unit manager fed back that the sliding top was seen as a key benefit of this trolley.  “The sliding top is pretty unusual and a real advantage when using a C-arm camera – not something we have seen before, and the bed extender was another benefit, as we get a surprisingly high number of tall patients!”

The demonstration

Ian, who delivered the trolley and demonstrated it to the staff said, “when I demo’d the trolley, their main concern was reducing movement of the patient.  We experimented with the trolley; moving from a ward to a theatre, putting the C camera into position, and then sliding the Modsel top with the patient on – so the patient remains flat and still, as does the C camera, but multiple different pictures can be taken.

They were a little concerned about the trolley being battery operated, but it actually isn’t – the Modsel has mains electric as well, so the staff are able to charge the trolley overnight and then use the battery during the day.  

Every question they asked, or problem they came up with, the trolley had a solution. One of the endoscopists said it was a real game changer."

Imaging, procedure and endosurge trolley in one

Finally, and often most importantly, the porters reported back that they found it really easy to move around.  The trolley has been built with minimal seams using hardwearing fabric so it is easy and quick to clean between patients and yet robust.   

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