Anti-Bribery & Collusion Policy


Bribery and / or collusion are criminal offences. The Company prohibits any form of bribery or collusive agreement. We require compliance, from everyone connected with our business, with the highest ethical standards and subject to all anti-bribery and anti-competition laws applicable. Integrity and transparency are of utmost importance to us and we have a zero tolerance policy towards corrupt activities of any kind, whether committed by employees, suppliers, customers or by third parties acting for or on behalf of the Company.


It is prohibited, directly or indirectly, for any employee or person working on our behalf to offer, give, request or accept any bribe i.e. gift, loan, payment, reward or advantage, either in cash or any other form of inducement, to or from any person or Company in order to gain commercial, contractual or regulatory advantage for the Company, or in order to gain any personal advantage for an individual or anyone connected with the individual in a way that is unethical. The same prohibitions apply to any collusive arrangements designed to create an anti-competitive arrangement or to influence a decision made by our company or other entities with which we transact.


It is expected that all employees or persons working on our behalf, where they suspect that an act of bribery or attempted bribery, or a collusive arrangement has taken place or is being proposed, even if they are not personally involved, will report this to the managing director.  You may be asked to give a written account of events.


 As the law is constantly changing, this policy is subject to review and the Company reserves the right to amend this policy without prior notice.