Air Mattresses.

Caremed Alrick carries a wide range of mattresses in stock, designed to meet the needs of acute care, long term care and mental health / older adults services. The new TotalFlow range of mattresses is a core range which spans a wide spectrum of need and is a joint product project with our Australian colleagues, available to customers in both the UK and Australasia.

Quality and availability is at the core, and the UK office offers a true 24/7 mattress delivery service for account clients – this is especially useful for care homes, giving them the reassurance of rapid access to pressure care mattresses, day or night, every day of the year.

Call our office free on 08000 191 246 to find out how your organisation can benefit from our 24 Hour Customer Care Plan.



Total Flow Overlay Mattress System (requires an underlay)



Total Flow Hybrid Mattress System (with EVAC feature)


Total Flow Plus Replacement Mattress System



Total Flow Max High Spec Replacement Mattress System