Why add a maintenance package when leasing?

Why add a maintenance package when leasing?

Maintenance is often the last thing you consider when purchasing a shiny new piece of healthcare equipment.  It’s further down the line, you have managed to get this purchase through the department and procurement, one step at a time!

HOWEVER, we believe maintenance should be a key consideration when purchasing a leasing option from Caremed Alrick.  Here are some reasons why..

No more worrying about who pays for maintenance

This often a bugbear in departments – who purchased the chair, who uses it the most, who’s budget does it come out of?  When you lease a chair and include the maintenance in that purchase, there is no discussion – we just book in a service reminder and check your equipment at a time convenient to you and your department.

Pay an agreed amount every month, with costs that won’t go up.

When we include our silver or gold packages within the cost of leasing a clinical care chair – say the Mobilise CH5 standard – you are paying around £9 a day (roughly) but your monthly fee will cover everything bar the electricity it takes to work the chair; a service visit every year, an allowance for call outs every year, all parts, all actuators, all covers, even the wheels are covered!

We employ expert technicians

We know the equipment we sell very well.  When you think something is broken beyond repair, we can often fix the issue using a number of different troubleshooting solutions.  We can repair either on site or take it back to the Caremed workshop dependent on the issue and equipment needed.  Our clinical chairs can last up to 15 years (often longer), so it’s always worth calling us before scrapping something. We have heard of several chairs over the years, scrapped when a simple £200-300 repair could have fixed it

Timely maintenance and repair

Often booking a repair or service with your internal maintenance team means you are added to a long list and can take some time to get around to you and your equipment issue.  This means your clinical care chair could be out of action for a few weeks.  With Caremed, just book in the service or repair and we will be out within a few days. 

Reduce downtime and ensure patient safety

Timely preventative maintenance and safety checks can help in stopping faults from happening which in turn can reduce unexpected downtime and incurring replacement or rental costs.  Added to that, protecting your patients by ensuring that equipment used for their care is safe and fit for purpose is a priority. 

Staff safety

Nurses, therapists and other HCP’s are all at risk of injury if a piece of equipment malfunctions. A breakdown mid-transfer could expose the hospital/Trust to manual handling risks, so it’s worth making sure the equipment is working as it should.


We also offer an online chat function on our website which means that if something has stopped working you can call us and we will either book an emergency service and repair, or if its something relatively simple, talk you or your maintenance team through some typical troubleshooting resolutions, which won’t affect your callout allowance for the year.