What is early mobilisation and what does it mean?

What is early mobilisation and what does it mean?

Early mobilization is a term used for the use of physical activity, and is encouraged from as early as day 2-5 after the onset of critical illness, injury or post-surgery where possible.

The benefits of early mobilisation

The benefits can be vast when used on patients – studies have shown that early mobilisation can reduce ICU-acquired weakness which can happen quickly when patients are immobile,  reduce de-conditioning*, improve muscle strength at hospital discharge, reduce the length of stay for a patient in hospital and improve the chance of the patient not being re-admitted. 

The below article presents the need for early mobilisation and our products are set up to encourage early functional mobilisation. 

Mobilise CH5 early mobilisation chair

These multifunctional care chairs can be used in ICU’s, high dependency units and frailty wards to encourage movement in the patient.  A highly functional chair, that lays 100% flat – ideal for patient pat-slides - and has an innovative legrest that encourages sit to standing.

The chair encourages early functional mobilisation with patients – by using the layflat option, which enables the patient to be moved from bed to chair and then slowly mobilised. 

And even better than that, the chair can either be rented weekly or monthly, or can be purchased via the NHS Supply Chain - just contact your NHS Supply Chain buyer to obtain a URN.

Sara Stedy

The Stedy provides support for a patient when going from a seated position to a standing position.  This early mobilisation piece of equipment allows the patient more mobility, promoting early mobilisation, whilst also protecting the caregiver from H&S injuries.

The Stedy legs can be opened and shut, allowing the Stedy to be positioned around a multifunctional chair, such as the Mobilise CH5.

Therapy tilt table

The Tilt tables we offer have been designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications for rehabilitation, early mobilisation and assessment. Most tilt tables come with patient hand grips & a harness set, with central locking castors.  The electric height and tilting operation means that you have full control over the tilt and lowers to wheelchair height for easy transfer.

For more information on the benefits of early mobilisation – this article is recommended, or if you are interested in other products in our range that might benefit your patients, please click here.