What happens in a medical equipment demo? FAQ's

What happens in a medical equipment demo? FAQ's

Who should attend?

A medical equipment demo should include any staff that will be involved in the equipment purchase and ongoing usage, such as manual handling / back care / ergonomics, ward staff, physio's, OT's.

How long does it take?

A demo is usually between 30 and 60 mins, interactive and we aim to give you maximum value out of the session by preparing for questions and offering a concise training session.

Will we get to use the equipment?

Yes, of course. The session is hands on and participation is encouraged.


Where will it be held?

In a location convenient for your team; depending on the number of staff involved, a side room may be enough (2-3 staff) but if a larger number are involved, a training or conference room might be better. Many demos are carried out in areas such as physio gyms. 

If there is no suitable location on site, we can make arrangements to hire a facility locally if there is somewhere nearby available.

Do you do conduct remote video demos?

In the last 18 months, we have performed many demos via channels such as Zoom, Teams and even WhatsApp video! This is a great way to interact remotely, and we can set these up really quickly.

How much does it cost?

£0, just your time.  We often bring in refreshments to keep the team happy!

And if we want to trial equipment?

 Most equipment offered by Caremed Alrick is available to trial within hospitals. The trial is a follow on from the demo, where a clear need has been identified and further evaluation would be helpful.

In some cases, a trial can follow straight on from a demo but it will need to be booked beforehand to ensure availability of the loan item(s).

How do I book?

Phone our office on 01926 889677 or use the contact button below.