Bariatric ward chair from Caremed Alrick

Ward comfort for bariatric patients thanks to Comflex

Our new high-back bariatric ward chair provides great postural support for patients in rehabilitation or recovery post-surgery. 

The current bariatric chair offering

Traditional ward chairs are made of wood, are tough to clean and cumbersome to move around.  With no wheels, they normally stay in the same position, or take two people to move it.  With lots of crevices they can be really difficult to clean properly and if they get a tear or are damaged, the whole chair needs re-upholstering.

Our new bariatric ward chair

Our new Comflex chair is completely different to the traditional seats – its just arrived in our warehouse and we are really impressed! 

The frame is made out of powder coated steel which means it’s much simpler to clean and the healthcare upholstery is hard wearing. 

Height and depth adjustable chair

Added to this, the Comflex ward chair is height adjustable.  The seat height can be adjusted from 430mm to 580mm – meaning it can be used for all patients, and is suitable for patients who have experienced lower body surgery and are in recovery.

The backrest is contoured to supply lumbar support and the depth can be adjusted too, via the backrest.  This is perfect for patients with gluteal shelves – the depth adjustment can make them so much more comfortable.

Finally, a mobile ward chair!

And finally, to the relief of all HCP’s – its light and easy to move!  With housekeeping wheels it can be easily transferred into other rooms.  The back of the chair is easily removed, so the chair can be split in two and moved through narrow doorways if necessary.

Sizes on offer

We are able to offer this chair in both large and extra large sizes. 

  • The large size has a safe working load of 220kg (34.5 stone) and the chair width is 60cm.
  • The extra large chair has a safe working load of 350kg (55 stone) and the chair width is a comfortable 70cm.

The Comflex chair can be rented, trialled and purchased from us, just click here to find out more