Early mobilisation is key in long term recovery – numerous articles have been written on the benefits; quicker recovery times, a shortened length of stay in hospital, and better outcomes when finally released from hospital.  With that in mind we have built and manufactured our very own early mobilisation multifunctional chair*, right here in the UK.

100% layflat

Our new chair lays 100% flat, which, as you know, means that the chair can be positioned next to the bed for easy transfer of the patient, meaning no need for hoists, and less HCP’s involved in the transfer.  The chair can then be slowly put into a seating position using the electric handset.

Ease of sit-to-standing

The Mobilise CH5 chair has a unique retractable leg rest with removable footplate.  The leg rest moves backwards which allows the patient to get from sit to standing far easier. 

The handset

The electric handset allows the chair to go from a height of 52cm to 82cm.  The highest height is slightly higher than the average hospital bed, so we know that the chair will work well in conjunction with the average hospital bed.  The chair also features electric backrest, knee-break, Trendelenberg, auto flat and auto chair modes. 

Easy to manoeuvre

The chair has twin wheel 125mm castors with total lock or directional lock, which allows the chair to be moved easily.  This means you can take the patients outside as part of their recovery process if needed. 

Seating options

Thanks to feedback, specifically from physios, we are aware that trying to work on patients whilst they are in bed can often be difficult as the bed has too much “give”.  With that in mind, our chair has a number of different seating options available to the HCP depending on the type of patient they are dealing with and the illnesses or injuries they may have.  Contact us here to learn more.

Engineered and manufactured in the UK – reducing leadtimes

Here at Caremed we have been working on the engineering of this chair for the last two years.  We have taken feedback from physios, ICU nurses, matrons and occupational therapists to create this chair – so its not just our chair, it’s a number of people’s chair!  The structure has been built by a company based on the same estate as Caremed, and the fabrication has taken place in the South East.  We have been authorised by Made in Britain to use the logo as over 90% of all materials are sourced in the UK. 

This reduces leadtimes significantly, as other early mobilisation chairs are from overseas and have traditionally taken longer to get to you.  

*patent pending