The main benefits of a therapy chair in 2024

The main benefits of a therapy chair in 2024

A therapy care chair is a chair that is specifically designed to provide support and comfort to people who are undergoing therapy of some kind.  This could be physiotherapy, or other types of therapy such as podiatry, osteopathy.

The difference between a care chair and a therapy chair

A therapy chair often has features such as adjustable armrests, backrests, and footrests, as well as tilt-in-space and pressure-relief options. They can be used in a variety of settings, including hospitals and clinics.

The benefits

There are many benefits to using a specialist chair when conducting therapy.

1. Improved posture: A therapy care chair can help to improve posture by providing support for the back and neck. This can help to reduce pain and discomfort, and can also improve the way that the body moves.

2. Reduced pressure: A therapy care chair often provides more support to the patient and can help to reduce pressure on the skin by providing additional support for the buttocks, hips, and thighs.

3. Increased comfort: A therapy care chair can help to increase comfort by providing support for the back, neck, and legs vs a regular chair. This can help to reduce pain and discomfort whilst therapy is taking place, and can also make it easier for people to relax.

Considerations & options

If you are considering using a therapy care chair, it is important to understand what you need for your patients; to make sure you pick the right therapy chair for you. 

Mobilise CH5 chair

This is an early mobilisation chair and often used on patients who are in ICU, high dependency, or critical care, as the chair provides a number of different complex features such as 100% layflat® for pat sliding and retractable leg rest.

TX26 chair

Specifically designed for patients with reduced mobility, the TX26M recliner chair is equipped with height adjustment through a hydraulic system driven by foot control.

The AP4297 therapy chair

The Mobilise® AP4297 therapy chair is ideal for use in clinic and hospital settings, allowing easy access during different therapeutic treatments, while guaranteeing maximum comfort to the patient.

TX chairs

Our TX chairs are often used in therapy sessions.  The TX10 and TX15 chairs both have the option of activity trays, IV poles to move patients from therapy to wards, and also phlebotomy arms.  For further information please visit our TX chair page here

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