The Biggest Problems with Equipment Hire for Healthcare (and how you can fix them)

The Biggest Problems with Equipment Hire for Healthcare (and how you can fix them)

Hiring in specialist equipment can help care organisations reduce capital spend, overcome storage issues and deal with sporadic requirements, but it is not always straightforward.

By asking hospitals and care homes what the biggest issues they encounter with hiring in equipment, here are the most common answers we found:

Wrong size

Provide as many details as possible about the patients or residents size, think about measuring in different positions. For instance, width will vary depending on position, i.e. seated or supine.

Too slow (delivery & collection)

A slow delivery can be frustrating as it can delay rehab and lengthen stay. Slow collection when the equipment is finished with can create the very storage issues you hired it to avoid!

Not suitable for patient transfer method

For instance, when ordering seating, is the patient hoisted or ambulant? Or are they semi-ambulant? What lifting or mobilisation aids will be used? Not all equipment is compatible.

Complex needs need an assessment

With complex needs, ask for an assessment – equipment can be set up and adjusted by a technician, guided by the clinical staff.

What next?

We’ve wrapped up the answers and solutions to these problems, and more, into our Mission & Promise for Rental Clients:

Equipment that is accurately specified, rapidly deployed and impeccably clean

– Contact Caremed Team and we’ll run through our three stage process

#1 Accurately Specified

We’ll ask you a series of questions: Sizes? Transfer method? Doorway width(s)? Lift size? Access restrictions? We want to make sure that the equipment we deliver, delivers for you and your patients and residents too.

#2 Rapidly Deployed

Rental usually means quick delivery is required. Count on us to get the equipment there when you need it, be that a Tuesday lunchtime or a Friday evening, with a phone number 01926 889677 that is monitored 24/7.

(Read more about 24/7 cover here)

#3 Impeccably Clean

All equipment on the Caremed rental fleet is treated using the Medi9 decontamination system upon collection / return, and before delivery. We also operate our own laundry facilities on site here at Port Stanley House, for full control of the cleaning process and standards.

(Find out more about Medi9)