The benefits of a supportive profiling chair

The benefits of a supportive profiling chair

A profiling chair is a type of chair that is designed to provide support and comfort for people who spend long periods of time sitting.

A profiling chair has a number of features that make it ideal for this purpose, including:

  • A high back that provides support for the head and neck
  • A padded seat that provides cushioning and comfort
  • Adjustable armrests that can be positioned to provide support for the arms
  • A tilt mechanism that allows the chair to be reclined for added comfort and can help to improve posture and reduce back pain.
  • A height-adjustable seat that allows the chair to be adjusted to the user's preferred height.

Profiling chairs are often used by patients or residents who have recently recovered from an illness and are weak, have medical conditions that require them to sit in a supportive chair, such as people with back pain, arthritis, patients at risk of pressure sores and immobile patients.

Some of the benefits of a profiling chair are listed below:

  • Increased independence: The adjustable features of a profiling chair allow patients to move around more easily, which can help to increase their independence and reduce the need for assistance from HCP’s. This can be especially important for patients who are recovering from surgery or who have other medical conditions that make it difficult for them to move around.
  • Reduced risk of falls: The high back and adjustable armrests of a profiling chair can help to prevent patients from falling out of the chair. This is important for patients who are at risk of falls due to dizziness, weakness, or other medical conditions.
  • Mobility: All our profiling chairs have castor wheels, meaning that the chair can be wheeled close to a bed and height adjusted for transfers, and enables the patients to move around a room, a ward, or to an outside area.

We offer a number of profiling chairs:

The Mobilise® CH5 care chair also encourages early mobilisation and is regularly used for therapy in critical care units.  With tilt in space, 100% layflat® and help in sit-to-standing, this is an excellent profiling chair.

Our TX26 profiling chair is specifically designed for patients with reduced mobility, equipped with height adjustment through a hydraulic system driven by foot control.

The MR1076 high back orthopaedic profiling chair is mobile, height adjustable & multifunctional. With elevating back rest, leg rest and an adjustable headrest and padded armrests, the MR1076 is available on the NHS Supply Chain website here

All our chairs can be purchased directly through us, bought via the NHS Supply Chain website directly or with a URN, leased, or hired. 

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