Supporting physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Supporting physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Physiotherapists value specialist chairs which allow them to perform their tasks safely and effectively on/ with their patients.  Some of the specific benefits of using a specialist care chair include:

  • Increased comfort for patients recovering from surgery: Specialist chairs are designed to be comfortable for long periods of sitting, which can help physiotherapists to focus on their work whilst providing patients with a supportive seating position.
  • Improved safety: Specialist chairs often have features that can help to prevent falls and help frail and muscle weakened patients such as 100% layflat, Trendelenberg and a tilted position with their legs up if they are feeling light headed.
  • Enhanced functionality: Specialist care chairs often have features that can help physiotherapists to perform their duties more effectively, such as adjustable seating and backrests and slow sit-to-stand features, alongside being easy to manoeuvre.
  • Working with other equipment: often physios work with other different equipment in hospital, which includes hoists, standing aids and more.  Specialist rehab chairs should be designed to work in partnership with these aids.

Added to that, rehab care chairs that that enable recovery and a return to independence need to be:

Durable: Hospital rehab chairs are made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of daily use and cleaning. This is important for patients who may be using their chair for extended periods of time or multiple patient use.

Safety features: Care chairs often come with a number of safety features, and can also provide room for “accessories” such as IV poles, oxygen holders and catheter bags holders.

Customisation options: Physiotherapy chairs can be customised to meet the individual needs of each patient. This includes features such as different seat heights, back and leg rest angles, and armrest widths.

The Mobilise CH5® early mobilisation chair

An innovative, early mobilisation chair that is 100% layflat® and has an innovative footplate that encourages sit to standing.  The chair reduces manual handling strain on HCP's whilst encouraging simple early mobilisation with patients - the layflat® option allows the patient to be moved from bed to chair and then slowly mobilised.

Our chairs are ideal for patients who are seeking rehabilitation from; spinal cord injuries, strokes, orthopedic surgery, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burns and other injuries / issues that require a stay in critical care.

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