Servicing and repairs at Caremed workshop

Servicing and repairs

Servicing and repairs, conducted on site or in-house.

In order to keep everyone safe; you, your patients, your own friends and family, alongside our Caremed family, we now have a number of options to choose from if you need your healthcare furniture serviced or repaired.



This is where we can pick up a piece of furniture on a specific day and at a specific time and bring it back to the Caremed HQ repair shop to fix or service.  This is a great option for all portable pieces of furniture such as chairs & mattresses.


We offer an on-site service and repair option where possible. where possible we will offer repair onsite if it is possible and safe for all concerned. Beds and other large pieces of furniture that are difficult to move are best to be repaired on site if possible, and if the room is vacated of patients / residents.  A large number of NHS Trusts request a 2 day servicing onsite and our experienced technicians are more than happy to help!


If you would prefer a member of our staff didn't enter your care home, then we can offer rapid parts delivery for the item that needs repairing, and then set up a videolink via Zoom, WhatApp, Teams and guide your technicians through the repair process.  If possible, we will set up the same piece of equipment here at HQ and talk you through all the steps, so you can see what we are doing as well as hear.  Just contact us here to progress


Just a reminder that our online chat system on our website is mobile-friendly and has been really well received by maintenance team clients to resolve issues - our technicians are immediately on hand to respond.  You can take pictures of the problem and send them in and we will respond quickly.


We are open and here to support you, whilst operating in a safe way for all concerned.   So give us a call on 01926 889677 or email us here, and we will do all we can to help.