Sertain Chair, layflat.  #earlymobilisation

Sertain Chair case study; Queens Hospital, Romford

One of our Sertain chairs was purchased by Queens Hospital, Romford and we were fortunate enough to get a full review of the chair.  

The full review can be read here

A summary from the Senior Physiotherapist in the critical care unit:

"The Sertain helps to get a greater variety of Critical Care patients out of bed while using less resource.

More patients can therefore benefit from greater level of alertness, improved respiratory function, reduced muscle wastage, reduced joint stiffness, reduced risk of pressure damage associated with bed rest and much more.

This ultimately means that more patients can progress quicker and it could lead to a shorter length of stay in Critical Care.”

Pat Slide.

"Almost all of the staff that have used the chair have commented that they like the ability to pat-slide patients the most. This is the single most common positive feedback to date. Staff find that pat-sliding patients is so much more convenient than hoisting."

Patient recovery

"Overall the functionality of the chair means that more patients are likely to be transferred out of bed by nursing staff (especially during weekends in the absence of physiotherapy) and this could only be beneficial for patient recovery."