Care chair specialist seating assessments

Care chair specialist seating assessments

Book a specialist seating assessment for your residents

Frail elderly residents in long term care often have complex seating needs which cannot be supported with standard armchairs. The Caremed® team has many years of experience providing specialist seating assessments and solutions in both acute and long term care, covering needs such as:

  • Pressure care and comfort
  • Postural support
  • Mobilisation and transfers

Colin is our lead seating assessor and is experienced at working with care professionals and therapists to provide specialist seating solutions for residents in long-term care.

Colin is passionate about resolving difficult seating issues and contributing to making life easier for residents and care staff.

One of the chairs we offer that would benefit from a specialist seating assessment with a resident would be the TX30 chair.  A cost-effective, versatile and easily adaptable for multi-user-environment chair, it is worth making sure it is suitable for the resident who is in it, and whether it could benefit other residents too.

Seating Assessment Service