Say goodbye to pressure sores!

Say goodbye to pressure sores!

CareMed Total Flow Hybrid mattress

Our new Caremed Alrick mattresses have been created to deliver a cost-effective solution for the prevention and management of pressure injuries in a nursing home or home care environment – for patients in a medium to high risk category. The mattresses are designed to alleviate discomfort, and minimise swapping of mattress surfaces. 

Two solutions, in one mattress

The Total Flow hybrid mattress boasts a number of different solutions for the patient.  It can be used just as a high specification foam pressure re-distribution mattress, or it can double up with balanced-air self-adjusting foam-filled air cells to provide alternating air pressure for the patient.  This means there is no requirement to move the patient to change from foam system to alternating air system, the patient and the health care professional can use the mattress as they see fit.

For patients who suffer more sensitivity to air flow mattresses, this mattress has the added benefit of the air cells being wrapped in foam – so the alternating action feels much softer to the patient.  It also has high density cushioned foam on the sides of the mattress. 

Heel zone highlight

The Total Care Hybrid has an adaptable heel zone with removable gel foam pads, alleviating pressure on one of the most common areas for pressure sores.

Total Care features:

The balanced air cells provide alternate pressure.  The air moves around the cells gently and continually moving the patient so pressure sores are alleviated.  The pump is quiet and allows you to set a cycle air-time of 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes.  The pump is fitted to the bed with hanging brackets and there are both alternate and static modes on the pump control pad. 

The cover on the Total Flow Hybrid mattress is multi-stretch and vapour permeable PU It is water resistant and machine washable and is anti-microbal with white underside. 


  • Width is 900mm and length 1980mm. The depth of the mattress is 150mm. 
  • The mattress can take a max weight of 250kg.
  • The pump weight is 6lb, and power consumption is 7W/ph
  • If there is an issue with low pressure, power failure or alternate failure, the panel has an audible and visible alarm.

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