Save time, space and transfers with a procedure chair

Save time, space and transfers with a procedure chair

With time and space being at a premium in busy hospital departments, every minute and millimetre counts.

Multi-purpose stretchers and trolleys

Within fast-track areas of the hospital such as Emergency Department (or Accident and Emergency depending on nomenclature), Day Surgery, Pain Clinics and Treatment Centres, opting for more compact or multi-purpose stretchers / trolleys, can free up additional capacity and in some cases, negate the need for more expensive bricks and mortar building extensions.

Some simple comparisons can be seen below to show the combination of a reduction in footprint and the increase in function that allows surplus items (i.e. a bedside chair) to be dispensed with.


Advantages of a convertible chair

Other advantages that arise, over and above space saving, by using a convertible procedure chair are:

  • Optional height adjuster, saving strain on the back
  • Easier access with a low seat height for smaller / frail patients
  • Ability to mobilise easier with a tilt-forward seat function
  • Reduced storage space
  • Improved positioning, comfort and pressure care with all the functions of a recliner chair (backrest recline, seat tilt, leg rest elevation, padded foot support)
  • Reduced transfers needed between surgical trolley, recovery, bedside chair

Where are Modsel Procedure Chairs used?

In acute hospital departments, listed below, throughout Australasia, UK and the Americas.

  1. ED / A&E
  2. Day surgery 
  3. Endoscopy departments (there is an endo-specific procedure chair)
  4. Pain clinics
  5. Treatment centres
  6. ENT (there is a specific Vertex version for ENT usage)