The circle of life…. When budgets are tight

The circle of life…. When budgets are tight

 Refurb, rent & recycle with Caremed

Caremed are offering you a chance to not only save some money (perhaps even make some of we buy back old equipment!), but do your bit for the environment and recycle your old Caremed products with us! 

From Sertain Chairs to mattresses, we can collect products and either restore them or recycle them for you.

Refurbishing and restoring products

Refurbished products can be a cost effective way of replacing a product if budgets are tight – and you cannot afford a brand new product, or if you wanted to trial a product and see if it is as useful as you think it might be. 

And from our perspective – why not restore and recycle?  If a product is returned after a certain period of time, has been regularly serviced and doesn’t need any major repairs, passes our strict inspections, it’s in everyone’s interests that it can be used again - back in a healthcare environment by a patient who really needs it.

We refurbish beds, chairs and lots of other equipment.  At the moment we have a Sertain Chair returned to us which is a slightly older spec, but has not used too much. We have carefully restored it, replaced fabric and a few other parts, and it can now be purchased for less than half the price of a brand new chair. 

So whether you are looking to buy second hand, need to rent a product, or need one of our products quickly at minimal cost, just get in touch here, and we will do everything we can to help.

Recycle via our Buy-Back scheme

If you have a piece of Caremed healthcare equipment that you think has seen better days and would like something a little newer, do your bit and get in touch with us.  We can recycle the chair FOC, or even completely restore it and another department or business can then use it for their patients. 


We have a large range of furniture and products for you to rent – from Sertain chairs to tilt tables, examination couches to shower trolley’s – if you find something on the website and wish to rent it – please get in touch, we will do everything we can to help you out.  Our products are meticulously examined here in our Caremed workshop when they come back from a rental. They are then cleaned, any repairs needed or replacement parts fitted, and then they go back on our system as available to rent again. Remember, the longer the timespan of you renting the product, the lower the costs.  An example of our rental products can be found here