Regular equipment servicing

Regular equipment servicing

Could your nursing home benefit from a thorough profiling bed and air mattress service? Ignoring equipment maintenance can be costly and risky.

What are the reasons that this could be beneficial?

  1. Peace of mind, knowing that everyone (residents, staff and visitors) is kept safer with properly maintained equipment
  2. Documentation to prove compliance during external inspections, i.e. CQC or HSE
  3. Reduce breakdowns and call-outs by bringing everything up to scratch
  4. All equipment is entered into a detailed asset list – this is a hugely useful resource (accessible online) with automatic reminders for due dates, easy parts ordering by room number and so on
  5. Every item is labelled displaying last service and next service due date

Starting the process is quick and easy:

  • Email with the number of profiling beds, air mattresses and static(foam) mattresses in your home
  • We will reply with a quote document detailing how to proceed and book, if the proposal meets with your approval