Regular equipment servicing

Regular equipment servicing

Could your nursing home benefit from a thorough profiling bed and air mattress service? Ignoring equipment maintenance can be costly and risky.

What are the reasons that this could be beneficial?

  1. Peace of mind, knowing that everyone (residents, staff and visitors) is kept safer with properly maintained equipment.  By regularly servicing your equipment, you can identify and fix any potential problems before they cause an accident / incident. 
  2. It can help you comply with relevant regulations.  We will provide documentation to prove compliance during external inspections, such as CQC or HSE.
  3. It can save you money in the long run.  By regularly servicing your equipment you can prevent costly repairs and replacements.
  4. All equipment is entered into a detailed asset list – this is a hugely useful resource (accessible online) with automatic reminders for due dates, easy parts ordering by room number and so on
  5. It can improve the performance of your equipment.  A well maintained piece of healthcare equipment can prevent it form wearing out prematurely.

Overall, servicing equipment is a wise investment that can save you money, improve the performance of your equipment, extend its lifespan, improve safety and help you comply with regulations.  

We offer a number of different plans for regular servicing of equipment, which can be found here.

Starting the process is quick and easy:

  • Firstly, we request that you fill in the following form here which will give us some detail on what needs servicing.
  • We will reply with a quote document detailing any other information we might need and then agree a date when the servicing or repairs can take place, that works for you.