Prioritising Manual Handling

Prioritising Manual Handling

Some organisations treat manual handling as a nice to have, but its essential to all healthcare workers. 

The physical toll on HCP's of patients and the equipment used is considerable and we would like to minimise that as much as possible.  So we have a number of products which we hope will help you, and also provide comfort and dignity to the patient.

Patient hoists

A patient hoist can we used to help patients getting in and out of bed, in and out of a bath, or can be used to help lift patients who have fallen.  Our come with optional electric cradles and an optional spreader bar if a sling needs to be used instead.  We offer both standard and bariatric hoists; the bariatric version can take a patient up to 320kg.  For more information on our hoists, please click here


Transfer slings allow are a more variable option for transfer of a patient.  We offer in situ, clipfit, stand aid, active fit and agile fit slings.  All our slings are padded, made from flexible, breathable fabric and all come with embroidered sling information and a serial label.  They can be washed at 85 degrees to decrease possible infection and have a high weight capacity on all the models.  For more information, please visit our sling section, here.

Shower trolleys & commodes

We believe the comfort and dignity of patients is essential.  We can offer both electric and manual trolley’s and the same on shower commode’s. 

The trolley’s are made from stainless steel and can be height adjusted, and with large central locking and steering wheel castors, these trolley’s can be moved quickly and easily.  The height range of both is 410mm – 910mm, so you can get the ideal height for the patient and carer.  The trolley’s are foam padded with PVC liner and deep sides.  The manual trolley SWL is 200kg, the electric is 240kg.

The shower commode’s have a stainless steel frame and the seat tilt of up to 35 degrees.  A head rest is provided on both the manual and electric options.  Built to provide the maximum support for rehabilitative or degenerative neurological patients, we provide a number of accessories that can be tailored to the patients needs – including safety bars, lateral support, soft back rest cushions and a front anti-tipper and a toilet pan if needed. 

Just visit page  30-32 of our catalogue for the full range, and then get in contact with us if you need any help or would like to order.