Our specialist mental health beds

Our specialist mental health beds

Specialist mental health beds offer a number of benefits for adults with a different mental health conditions. These beds are necessary for MH professionals who work daily with patients who have complex physical and mental health needs.

Why have specialist beds?

  • A safe and supportive environment: Important for adults who are experiencing symptoms that make them feel unsafe or disorientated.
  • A chance to stabilise and recover: Whilst the mental health environment can help to address and mental health issues, the patient needs a safe space they can retreat to, and in most circumstances, a practical hospital bed doesn’t create a positive and comforting environment.
  • Supporting both mental and physical issues: A large proportion of mental health patients have other health issues too, and therefore will need a safe and secure profiling bed - eliminating access to the bed mechanisms, but still providing hospital bed features.
  • A bridge to further treatment: Specialist mental health beds can also serve as a bridge to further treatment. Once a person's condition has stabilised, they may be able to transition to outpatient therapy or other community-based services. 

Alrick mental health beds

We have been working with a number of different Trusts over the past 10 years, and provide equipment that is both essential, but also safe and secure for both patients and staff. 

NEW Secura 3 bed

The Secura 3 profiling bed is the ultimate safe and secure solution - eliminating access to the bed mechanisms, with the bed surround concealing access. High/low bed positions are possible with the lower bed section sitting stationary with the bed.

With concealed castors, height adjustable from 400mm to 700mm and an embedded footboard control panel,  the bed has a safe working load of 250kg. 

A mental health trust based on the south of the UK were looking for a less hospital-bed style but still practical enough to have in their unit. 

The main reason we chose those beds was to move away from having to buy the typical hospital type beds. These beds are going to be in our area where we may need to NG feed patients and we felt the Secura 3 was less clinical-looking,” said the ward manager. 

The beds have now been successfully installed in the unit.

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EN7 MH bed

One of our most popular low profiling beds, we have made a few adjustments on the EN7 so it is fit for a mental health setting.  Adaptations have been made to the bed to make it safe for mental health patients, including:

  1. The power cable is changed from standard flex to braided
  2. All exposed fittings are changed from standard to anti-tamper
  3. The cables are covered within a control box

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We also offer the Plexa bed with wooden rails, keeping the patient secure and less likely to fall, and the Secura 2, which is suitable for low to medium-care patients who may have clinical care needs but still need reduced anti-ligature features. 


If you would like any help on choosing a bed, or are interested in a 7 day trial to see which bed works best for your unit, please get in touch with us here