Offering 10% off service packages in May and June 2024

Offering 10% off service packages in May and June 2024

There are many benefits to opting for a service package on healthcare equipment, rather than simply purchasing the equipment outright.

Here's a breakdown of just some of the advantages for hospitals and other healthcare facilities:

Cost effectiveness. Maintenance and repair costs are covered right at the start.  This gives complete piece of mind to the ward or department who are using the equipment on a regular basis.

✅ Our top service packages include preventive maintenance, repairs, and parts replacements within the fee. This eliminates the unpredictable costs associated with breakdowns and repairs.

✅ No conversations about who pays for the equipment if it needs to be repaired or serviced.  This appears to be a regular conversation that happens between departments, particularly within the NHS.  If the service package is taken up, either through a leasing plan, or added on to the cost of the equipment, there is no negotiation about who pays for servicing or repair further down the line.   

✅  Improved equipment efficiency. When equipment is regularly serviced, it means it is less likely to be out of action for a long period of time, often residing in a store cupboard until maintenance or estates can get around to fixing it.

✅ Sustainability.  Repair and servicing are both is essential to keeping equipment alive for longer, thereby making the equipment more sustainable.

✅  Expert maintenance and support.  With our service packages we always send out a qualified technician for routine maintenance and troubleshooting. We can also offer support via our LiveChat if you have a service package with us and it’s a little niggle or something that is easily fixed - so no call out cost is attached.  This ensures the equipment is functioning optimally and helps prevent problems before they occur.

✅  Reduced administrative burden.  Hospitals don't need to manage equipment maintenance schedules or track parts inventory, as these tasks are handled by Caremed Alrick.

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