The advantages of multipurpose chairs; reducing the need for manual handling

The advantages of multipurpose chairs; reducing the need for manual handling

Opting for compact multi-purpose chairs, which can also be used lay-flat or in a sitting position can free up additional capacity on wards and in departments; making sitting and transportation so much easier for both the patient and the staff and reducing manual handling strain.

Sitting: Multipurpose care chairs provide a comfortable and supportive surface to sit on, even for people with injuries, or pre and post illness/surgery. They often have features such as padded / pressure care seats and backs, as well as adjustable armrests and footrests.

Transferring: Multipurpose care chairs often have features that make it easier for people to transfer from the chair to a bed, commode, or other surface – such as sturdy removable armrests, moveable leg rests, tilt and layflat. This can be helpful for people who are unable to stand or walk on their own.

Portering: Multipurpose care chairs have twin wheel castors that make it easy to transport patients. This is ideal for moving patients from triage to other wards, or on to theatre or day surgery.

Height adjustable: The multipurpose care chairs we offer are all height adjustable – some using gas lift and others electronically via a handset, which reduce the need for manual handling.

Accessories attached:  The multifunctional chairs we provide all come with accessories that allow you to hang drips from the chairs, colostomy bags, oxygen cylinder holders and even the patient’s personal belongings.  We can also provide meal trays as an additional accessory.

Reducing lifting: Multipurpose care chairs allow the patient to be moved around and laid flat if necessary without having to move them from one piece of equipment to another.

Tilt in space: Our multifunctional chairs tilt forward or backward - this means the chair takes up less space and doesn’t need to be repositioned in order to tilt. By operating via a handset rather than manually, it also reduces back strain on the HCP.

Simplified transfers: Multipurpose care chairs can make transfers easier for both individuals and caregivers. The features such as lift assist mechanisms 100% layflat and tilt-in-space can help to move people in and out of the chair with less effort and potentially less HCP’s involved.

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