Mobilise® CH5 accessories & additions – an update in 2023

Mobilise® CH5 accessories & additions – an update in 2023

We’ve been working on accessories for the Mobilise® CH5 care chair behind the scenes since the launch early this year.  First up…

Chair wings

Wings are designed to provide extra support and stability for patients who may have difficulty sitting up straight or who may need to be in a specific position for medical procedures. The wings help to keep the patient from sliding out of the chair and can also provide support for the arms and shoulders. 

Depending on the patient and what stage they are at with regard to early mobilisation, wings can support them and give them confidence when sitting in the CH5 multifunctional care chair.

The wings can be added at the point of purchase.  If you are interested in adding wings to your customised Mobilise® CH5 chair, please let us know at quote stage.

Chair laterals

Laterals are side supports on a care chair that help to keep the patient centred and prevent them from leaning to one side. They can be helpful for patients who have difficulty sitting up straight or who have weak muscles. This could be patients recovering from a stroke, or patients with other neuro issues. 

Laterals can also help to reduce the risk of falls by holding a patient firmly in place.  When early mobilising, this can be an added advantage – particularly for physiotherapists.

Our laterals have a stable base and are both width and angle adjustable. You can either support the head or shoulders and can also be moved in or out depending on the width of the patient.

Because the laterals and wings are interchangeable – you could have both on your customised chair, and then swap them over when needed.

Seat belt

Our Mobilise CH5 care chair now has an optional seat belt.   A seat belt can help to prevent a person from falling out of the chair whilst moving them around, which can be especially important for people who are recovering from significant surgery or an serious illness and are not long out of a hospital bed.  


Nathan, our MD, is really pleased with the progress so far, “Our Caremed team have full control of our R &D and production in-house, which is a massive step forward and have been working hard on these additions to the chair, its great to see it all come to fruition.”

If you would like a Mobilise CH5 #earlymobilisation 7 day trial with either of these accessories, please get in touch here