Lunch and Learn | Falls Prevention

Lunch and Learn | Falls Prevention

We’ve had great feedback from mental health trusts who’ve participated in the lunch and learn events we carried out in 2019, and the first half of January 2020.

The events are offered throughout each year, subject to availability. 2020 is filling fast but there are still a few weeks left with availability.

The format of these events is as follows:

  • We work with you to provide a range of equipment demonstrations based around a theme, for instance Falls Prevention and Early Detection in Mental Health, Older Adults
  • All we ask from your side is a space, like a gym, training room or similar – and an audience, this can be a group all at once, or a steady trickle, like a series of drop-in sessions
  • We provide a healthy, high quality and nutritious lunch and we cater for needs such as vegetarian and vegan so that everyone is included
  • There is a strong educational and informative approach, looking at new concepts and techniques to make your lives easier
  • There is no cost to the trust, this is funded by Caremed as part of our educational grants scheme
Here is an article about our LNL offer and here is a snapshot from a previous event. And this is an example of one type of equipment integration / technique, amongst many others that we can provide.

If a lunch and learn would be useful to you and your team, please get in touch as soon as possible so we can assist in setting a date.