Is your critical care seating working for staff as well as patients?

Is your critical care seating working for staff as well as patients?

Critical care seating can encourage early mobilisation*, so it is vital that it works for both the patient and the staff. 

Our new Mobilise® CH5 chair^ has been built with both the patient and HCP in mind.

Innovative leg rest

The legrest on our CH5 chair fully retracts beneath the seat, so it is far easier to get the patient from sit to standing as they are able to position their feet further back before standing.  The chair also has a sit to standing feature, which you can see on the video below – a real advantage to both the patient and physios. 

100% Layflat for easier pat slides – reducing the need for hoists

Some hospitals don’t have hoists in their critical care units due to lack of space.  With this in mind, the chair lays completely flat, allowing the patient to pat slide from bed to chair and vice versa – often far simpler for healthcare professional.

However, if the patient does need to be hoisted, the chair works with the Maxi Move – a popular hoist in most hospitals – the hoist can be positioned in front of the chair or to the side see our video for a quick demonstration here.

Elderly and frail patients

The chair supports frailer patients with lateral supports and a low range of 490mm, which is slightly lower than the Sertain®, and is easier for smaller, frailer patients.  The handset is really simple for HCP’s to use – with icons for ease of use.

Neuro patients

The chair fully supports neuro patients – with lateral supports if needed, but the chair also lowers to 490mm, allowing a patient to have their feet firmly on the ground if necessary – allowing them to feel more balanced or using the footrest. 

Tilt in space

The chair offers tilt in space to 25°, slightly more than the Sertain, thanks to feedback from HCP’s.  Reducing the risk of falls, helping to reposition patients, and other benefits, we have made sure this is a feature on the chair.

Mobility of the chair… and the patient!

Critical care gardens are becoming more popular research has proven the health benefits of giving patients a change of scenery and making them feel more mobile.  With twin wheel castors that have total or directional lock this chair is easy to manoeuvre both inside and outside. 


For further information on the chair, or to book a demonstration, please get in touch here


^ patent pending

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