ICU impact on muscle strength and the importance of early mobilisation

ICU impact on muscle strength and the importance of early mobilisation

Every day that a patient in ICU spends on bed rest, will have a significant negative impact on muscle strength*. Studies have shown that muscle strength can decline by up to 5% per day of bed rest. The loss of muscle strength is greatest in the first few days of bed rest and is more pronounced in older adults and in people who are already frail. 

The loss of muscle strength can have a number of negative consequences for ICU patients, including:

  • Prolonged length of stay in the ICU
  • Increased risk of falls and injuries
  • Decreased ability to fully participate in physical therapy
  • Increased risk of re-admission to the hospital
  • Decreased quality of life

But physical rehabilitation provided in the ICU may positively influence short- and long-term patient outcomes, including greater muscle strength at ICU discharge, reduced mechanical ventilation duration and an increased quality of life^

By taking steps to prevent muscle loss, ICU patients can improve their chances of a successful recovery.

With that in mind, here at Caremed Alrick, we offer a number of different seating options for ICU patients that allow them to be safely moved from a hospital bed on to a chair, thereby encouraging early mobilisation.   

Mobilise CH5 early mobilisation chair

Manufactured right here in the UK with support and feedback from HCP's in both the NHS and private sector, our innovative, early mobilisation chair is 100% layflat® and has an innovative footplate that encourages sit to standing.

The chair reduces manual handling strain on HCP's whilst encouraging simple early mobilisation with patients - the layflat option allows the patient to be moved from bed to chair and then slowly mobilised, with the laterals offering extra support.

TX26 multifunctional chair

Specifically designed for patients with reduced mobility, the TX26M Chair is equipped with height adjustment through a hydraulic system driven by foot control.

The chair can be laid flat to 160 degrees as well as moving independently into various positions. Due to its wide range of accessories, the chair is versatile and can be adapted for the specific needs of each user.