Images of the range of Caremed hospital chairs we offer

Hospital chairs; the options

There are many different types of hospital chairs, each designed with specific purposes and user needs in mind. Here are some of the most common:


These are the most basic type of hospital chair, typically used for visitors and outpatients in waiting rooms and common areas. They are usually lightweight, stackable, and easy to clean.  We offer a range of different durable chairs that are made from polypropylene.  Just click here for more information.


These chairs are designed to fit by a hospital bed, allowing visitors or caregivers to sit close to the patient, but also allowing the patient to sit out.  Some come with an absence of wheels, others are multifunctional chairs that can be used both by the patient and the visitor. 

They also allow visitors or caregivers to move the patient to wellbeing gardens, or somewhere else within the hospital for a change of scenery.  These hospital chairs often have adjustable heights and casters for mobility.

We offer the popular TX26 manual and TX25 hospital care chairs that are both multifunctional and mobile.  For more information click here


These chairs are wider and stronger than standard chairs to accommodate larger patients. They are often used in bariatric units and emergency rooms.

We offer bariatric chairs that fit at the side of the bed, and have x2 castors at the back so they can be moved around easily.  Click here for more information 

We also offer early mobilisation hospital chairs that have a bariatric version – such as the Mobilise CH5 care chair, which can accommodate a patient up to 250kg and have a wider seat.  


These chairs are made of waterproof materials and have drainage holes to be used in the shower or bath. They often have a tilting backrest, and are ideal for patients who have recently had an operation or are frail and need support during showering.

We offer a few hospital chairs and trolleys, either for purchase or rental.  Most of the Caremed options have a supportive headrest – ideal for patients with neurological issues.  We also stock paediatric shower chairs, just click here for more information on showering equipment.


These chairs are used as a toilet substitute for patients who are unable to use a regular toilet. They come in various designs, with wheels for portability.  We also stock commode chairs that can be self propelled, for the more able patients on your ward.

We have bariatric and self propelled chairs on offer, please click here for more details 


These chairs are designed for older adults, often with features like lower seats, wider armrests, height adjusters and layflat to 160°.

We offer the TX range of chairs which deliver all of the above.  A wealth of accessories can be added to the hospital chairs too, such as IV poles, catheter bag holders, activity trays and much more.  To view, just click here


The best type of hospital chair will depend on the needs and the specific situation of your ward or patients. If you are unsure which type of chair is right, just get in touch here and we will help you match the hospital chair that suits your patient/wards specific needs.