Hiring bariatric equipment from Caremed

Hiring bariatric equipment from Caremed

From bariatric hospital beds, to portering chairs, trolley’s and ward chairs, we offer a wide range of bariatric equipment here at Caremed. 

Why hire bariatric equipment?

  1. NO UPFRONT INVESTMENT. Bariatric equipment can be very expensive to purchase. Hiring allows wards/departments to access necessary equipment without a significant upfront cost, freeing up capital.
  2. FLEXIBILITY FOR SHORT-TERM NEEDS. Not all patients require bariatric equipment long-term. Hiring allows departments to tackle temporary needs easily.
  3. REDUCED STORAGE COSTS. Equipment can be bulky and require dedicated storage space. Renting eliminates the need for in-house storage, saving on space and the associated costs.
  4. PROVING THERE IS A PERMANENT NEED. Many Trusts are reluctant to invest In bariatric equipment, but often my hiring bariatric chairs or beds, the need for a permanent solution becomes apparent
  5. ABILITY TO ADAPT TO FLUCTUATING DEMAND. Patient needs can vary. Hiring allows departments to adjust their bariatric equipment availability based on current demand.
  6. WRONG TIME IN THE FINANCIAL YEAR. We often receive an increase in hiring bariatric equipment close to the end of Trusts financial years – its far easier to get sign off for equipment that is essential, and also is a far cheaper option short-term.
  7. MATCHING EQUIPMENT TO SPECIFIC NEEDS. Bariatric equipment comes in various weight capacities and features. Renting allows departments to choose the most suitable equipment for each patient, ensuring optimal care.

Below is a selection of bariatric equipment we offer on a hiring basis.  These can be shipped to you within 24 hours and you can hire from 7 days to 7 months, its up to you!  For more of our range, please click here


Bariatric Mobilise CH5 early mobilisation chair

An innovative, bariatric early mobilisation chair that lays 100% flat and has an unique retractable footplate which encourages sit to standing.  Tilt in space and an adjustable seat width, ideal for different shapes.  The safe working load of the CH5-L is 250kg.

Modsel portering chair

The Modsel offers a 4-way power drive, which in turn reduces the risk of strain during critical patient transport.  This multi-purpose transfer chair allows bariatric patients (up to 300kg) to be transferred easily from ward to ward.

Bariatric ward chair

We offer x2 different bariatric ward chairs depending on the safe working load.  The extra large has an adjustable seat height, wheels on the back so it can be easily moved around the ward when not in use, and a safe working load of 350kg.

Bariatric low profile hospital bed

This bariatric low profiling bed provides the ultimate balance between user care, functionality and quality. With a safe working load of 250kg and a 10 function lockable handset, the bed is also height adjustable - 200-800mm.