Early mobilisation for stroke patients

Early mobilisation for stroke patients

“The optimal time to start early mobilisation is >24hours post-stroke according to hemodynamic stability and safety criteria.”*

The practice of getting stroke patients up and moving as soon as possible after their stroke is common practice.  This is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • To prevent extra complications. Immobility can lead to a number of further complications, including pressure sores, pneumonia, and muscle wastage. Early mobilisation helps to reduce the risk of these complications.
  • To improve function. The more a stroke patient moves, the better their chances of regaining function. Early mobilization helps to keep muscles and joints active, which can help to improve mobility and independence.
  • A shorter stay in hospital. Early mobilisation has been proven to decrease the length of stay in hospital and improve long term outcomes for stroke and other ICU patients.
  • To improve mood. A stroke can be a very isolating experience. Early mobilisation can help motivate stroke patients to get better, quicker, which can improve their mood and overall well-being.

The optimal time to start early mobilisation is typically within 24 hours of the stroke. However, the specific timing will depend on the individual patient's condition. Early mobilisation is encouraged by physiotherapists or an occupational therapist.

The right care chairs can really help enable a patient to start moving.  Sitting out is an important part of early mobilisation, and our care chairs allow you to transfer a patient from bed to chair either 100% flat or 160° flat.  If the patient is hesitant, or has multiple lines attached, the transfer can be done by pat sliding carefully and then slowly raising the chair to a more seated position if the patient is comfortable.


On a number of our chairs we can also provide wings or laterals which allow the patient to be securely seated in the seat if necessary.

Early mobilization is an important part of stroke rehabilitation. It can help to prevent complications, improve function, and ultimately lead to a shorter stay in hospital and a quicker chance of recovery.

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* Early mobilization in acute stroke phase: a systematic review, Pub Med. Mar ‘23