Multifunctional early mobilisation chairs

Critical Care in England – a statistical round up

Critical Care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland - a statistical round up...

  • As national populations age, demands on critical care services are expected to increase. 
  • In the UK, around 200,000 adults and children are admitted to a critical care unit each year.
  • Approximately 127,500 people spend time in intensive care units after critical illness in England and Wales each year*.  This rose dramatically during COVID, but numbers are now back to numbers pre-COVID (Nov 22).
  • There are circa 5,900 adult & paediatric critical care beds in England, 70% of which are used by adults*.
  • 58% of admissions to critical care are men with an average age of 59.
  • CCU is sometimes used as the umbrella term for both level-3 (ICU) and level-2 (HDU) services.
  • The cost of an ICU bed per day in the UK can vary depending on the hospital and the level of care required. However, it is estimated that the average cost is between £1,500 and £2,000 per day^
  • Reducing length of stay on critical care with early mobilisation can help:
    • Increase capacity of units (patient throughput)
    • Reduce cost per bed
    • And the benefits to patients is substantial - shortened recovery time, less likely to return, and significant mental health benefits.
^ Excel Medical