Endless beds from CareMed

Rental and refurbished stock

Here at CareMed we realise that some professionals may well want to try before they buy, or they may have a patient with short term needs, or even a patient with specific needs that won’t be in their ward/hospital for long.  Even possibly as an outpatient.

With that in mind we like to help you out by offering you rental opportunities, below are some of our most popular rental products.


The tilt table

The tilt table is an extremely popular piece of rental equipment.  A tilt table is ideal for someone who hasn’t been on their feet for a long period of time but needs to be slowly introduced to it.  Its also suitable for people who just can’t get up on their own or would need too many carers to help them rise to their feet.

By using a tilt table the patient is able to get back the sensation of applying weight gently onto their legs, slowly re-introducing the standing position whilst giving them full support. 

You can hire a tilt table out for up to 30 days at £20 a day.  Over 30 days and a discount is then applied. Please get in touch here for more details.


The SERTAIN™  Chair

A SERTAIN™ chair is a significant investment in a department, so rental allows you to effectively try before you buy.

The SERTAIN™ was designed in conjunction with Critical Care, Trauma and Rehab Professionals, as a platform for both care and early mobility.  It is one of the most versatile seating choices around with its lay flat feature, particularly useful in critical care when early mobilisation and comfort are critical factors. 

The SERTAIN™  has pressure care surfaces throughout, offering high levels of comfort and pressure relief.  The armrests are removable and the wings can be folded away quickly when lying the patient flat in an emergency.  The electric hi-lo on the chair means the chair can rise to a maximum seat height of 780mm, eliminating back strain on the healthcare professional. 

You can hire a SERTAIN™ chair from as little as £49 a day.  Over 14 days a discount is then applied.

To buy a refurbished SERTAIN™ chair the prices start at around £3k – this would include new covers and re-powder coating.

Please get in touch here for more details, or just LiveChat us!


The three-in-one Alrick 9000 Endless Bed

Made by our sister company in Australia, the possibilities are endless…!

The bed was made with both form as well as function in mind, so they can fit in seamlessly into a room, work like a hospital bed, but look like an everyday bed.  These Endless beds suit low care, high care and bariatric care.  The low height is 100mm with a high height of 725mm.   The bed can also conveniently convert into a chair position at the push of a button, and offers the reverse Trendelenburg position, along with a backrest function.

The endless beds have a unique dual safe working load depending on the weight of the patient —all you need to do is swap handsets.

You can hire an E9000 Endless bed from as little as £26 a day. Over 21 days a discount is then applied. 

Please get in touch here for more details, or just LiveChat us!